Weight Loss

You can lose 25-35 lbs in just 6-8 weeks

Weight Loss

“6 Weeks to a New You” is quite a statement! We know that it may be hard to believe, but many ‘ChiroThin™’ Lifestyle Program patients lose 25-35 pounds on average in just 6 weeks.

The ‘ChiroThin™’ Lifestyle Program is an inches and weight loss program that anyone can do without having to consume any shakes, bars, pills, pre-packaged foods, undergo surgery or perform excessive exercise. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, in your 20’s or 70’s, it is safe, easy and affordable and best of all it has been formulated for the general population. Anyone can simply lose weight and have significant inch loss even if you wanted to lose only 10-15 lbs or as much as 25-35 lbs in as little as 6 weeks.

For the Canadian market, the ChiroNutraceutical ‘ChiroThin™’ proprietary homeopathic natural dietary supplement spray formula is Health Canada Registered: NPN 80042438.

The main objective of the program is for you to NEVER BE HUNGRY. This does a few things that are important to lose the weight, fat and inches, and to get you to understand what are proper eating habits and fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. This is accomplished by eating your meals from all food groups (protein, vegetables, fruit, and grain/breads) which are consumed all at the same time, with no added fats or sugars. This will enable the ChiroThin™ spray formula to work on your body. Basically, you will consume foods that are highly nutritious and specifically tailored to you. No two programs are alike since we all have very different body types that function differently.

You will simply experience a healthier lifestyle by Shopping, Cooking and Eating foods that you would normally purchase that are low on the ‘Glycemic Index’ and are ‘Anti-Inflammatory’ in composition.

Some people lose more; some people lose less. But here’s the fact: as long as you follow the program as prescribed, you will definitely lose a lot of ‘Weight and Inches’ on this regimen. Remarkably, you will maintain good skin tone and lean muscle mass without excessive exercise, surgery, bars, pills, shakes, eating bars or expensive pre-packaged food.

Some individuals may require multiple 6 Week programs due to the amount of weight loss that is required to get to their target level before heading into the Maintenance cycle of the program. This will add more food back into your daily consumption to enjoy a healthy lifestyle once again. By this time you would have been behaviorally adjusting and understanding the normal relationship you now have with food. You will have an abundance of choices anywhere you go in this world where food will now work for you. It is all about choices and being prepared prior to any social event or while travelling.